・Explanation of the art work “BabyTector”



The size of the piece is about 50cm, roughly the same size as a newborn baby.


The common design use pants reminiscent of diapers and teething rings.


The weapon-like equipment carried by each art work are baby rearing aids (milk bottles held like machine guns, rattles like blunt weapons, spoons and forks used as nunchucks, etc.)


The babies are made out to be heroes that protect themselves with their protective suits while also taking care of and supporting other children.





・「BabyTector」Art Concept



When I became a father, I rejoiced at the birth of my son, but at the same time I was reminded of the many incidents of child abuse and child deaths reported on a daily bases.



My work reveals this conflict between society and humanity by portraying newborn babies that protect themselves from the outside world and enemies, while I substituted into this portrayal another point of contradiction of a child looking after other children.



There is a strong anger and resentment in me against child abuse, but there is also some feeling that, if I had been born to a different life or into different circumstances, I myself might also have raised my hand against my own child.


There is no question that I love my son, yet those feelings still exist and therefore although the design may be humorous I believe I have armed the child in armor.



The humorous design of the piece represents my desire to have a happy family life, and the concept of the art works is to question myself as the ideal image of a father or the image of a good man.



I feel that producing this series of work is about reconfirming my love for my son.




  向井 正一








2009/12/4~19   Gallery Fukuda  (大阪)   

2010/11/26~12/19   JILL D’ART GALLERY (名古屋) 

2012 /10/9~15   銀座三越アートスペース∞ (東京) 

2013 /9/4~10   銀座三越美術画廊 (東京) 

2014/1/15~26   Art de Art View 大阪) 

          2/19~3/4    JR大阪三越伊勢丹アート解放区(大阪)

          8/22~9/14   JILL D'ART GALLERY  (名古屋)

2015/2/19~27   Art de Art View  (大阪) 

          6/4~10    あべのハルカス近鉄本店 タワー館11階アートギャラリー(大阪)

2016/3/23~29   日本橋三越本店 アートスクエア(東京)

          11/1~14   墓場の画廊 (東京)

2017/1/13~22   Art de Art View 大阪)

    8/11~9/10  PINK GUY gallery  (Malaysia Kuala Lumpur)

2018/6/20~26  阪神梅田本店美術画廊(大阪)

          7/18~28  瀧川画廊(大阪)



2009/7/25~8/2   REAL  OSAKA (Bunkamura Gallery 東京)  

2010/8/17~29   ART BLITZ Part 1  (CASO  大阪)  

2011/3/18~29    帰ってきた りったいぶつぶつ展  (Bunkamura Gallery 東京)

    9/3~24   AKB38(Gallery龍屋)

      5/4~17   THE OSAKAN DREAMS  (JR大阪三越伊勢丹 大阪) 

2012  5/2~15   THE OSAKAN DREAMS vol.2 (JR大阪三越伊勢丹 大阪) 

     11/27~12/9    SIBUYA STYLE (渋谷西武 東京) 

2013  1/16~22   ART FIGURE COMPLEX (大丸心斎橋 大阪) 

         2/13~22   現代美術は今 SEVEN TYPES(松坂屋名古屋店)

         3/19~31   Tarot 22artists(LADS GALLERY 大阪)                    

     4/23~5/4   Tarot 22artists(Gallery Hill Gate 京都) 

     5/24~6/16   TWO FACES (JILL D’ART GALLERY 名古屋) 

     7/10~21   あなたと一体(いっしょ)☆立体展 (かわうそ画廊 東京) 

     9/18~10/1    ma-ru(WHO'S WHO Gallery 大阪)

           10/11~20   異形のみる夢(アートスペース亜蛮人 大阪)

           11/2~24   領海 Contiguous Zone(AKI GALLERY 台湾) 

2014   4/1~8   Styling Art Exhibitionドレッシンググリーン展(阪急メンズ 大阪)

      9/20~10/19  Modern Art × Interior in REAL Style (REAL Style  名古屋)

    10/17~28  Animal Rescue Project  -Maneki Neco-  (spectrum gallery 大阪)

    11/28~12/9  Syoichi MUKAI & Ryoko HIRABAYASI TWO PERSON SHOW

                                  "Love for Boys & Girls"   (spectrum gallery 大阪)

            12/17~23   現代美術は今 SEVEN TYPES×2(松坂屋名古屋店)

2015  1/14~24  現代版節句・節季展( Art de Art View  大阪)

2016  2/3~9  TYPES -5人の視線-(大丸札幌店 北海道)

           7/15~8/7   向井正一×藤田有紀 (JILL D’ART GALLERY 名古屋)

2017  4/9~7/2  Unsweetened? Japanese Contemporary Art Show  (House Art  台湾)

          8/30~9/5  三越美術110周年 HOPES 次世代百選展 (日本橋三越本店 東京)

2018  4/13~5/12  YOD Gallery10周年記念展『十』(YOD Gallery 大阪)

    5/16~20  第39回 秀美展(あべのハルカス近鉄本店 近鉄アート館 大阪)

          8/20~9/2  WARNER BROS. PRESENTS

                             THE GET ANIMATED INVASION(台北101 台湾)

          8/24~9/16  10th Anniversary  (JILL D’ART GALLERY 名古屋)  




2009  3/8   GEISAI#12(東京)

          7/24~26   ART  SANTA FE  (USA Gallery Edelより)   

    8/21~23   ART  OSAKA  (大阪  Gallery Fukudaより)              

2010  5/13~16   YOUNG ART TAIPEI (台湾 Gallery Fukudaより) 

     7/9~11   ART OSAKA  (大阪 Gallery Fukudaより)  

2011  5/20~22アートフェア京都  (京都 Gallery Fukudaより)

     7/8~10   ART OSAKA  (大阪 Gallery Fukudaより)            

    11/1~3   ULTRA004  (東京 Gallery Fukudaより) 

2012 11/24.25    BODAIJU EXPO  (大阪)

          7/6~8   ART OSAKA (大阪 Gallery Fukudaより) 

2013  7/11~13   ART SANTA FE(USA  spectrum galleryより)

          8/9~11  ART NAGOYA (名古屋 JILL D’ART GALLERYより) 

    11/8~11   ART TAIPEI(台湾 AKI GALLERYより) 

    11/ 21~24  Affordable Art Fair Singapore(シンガポール YOD Galleryより)

    11/23.24    BODAIJU EXPO 2(大阪)     

2014  3/21~23   Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong(香港 YOD Galleryより)                                4/18~20   YOUNG ART TAIPEI (台湾 LSDより)

      5/23~25   Affordable Art Fair Singapore(シンガポール YOD Galleryより)

    6/27~29   京都アートフェア(京都 瀧川画廊より)

    7/11~13   ART OSAKA  (大阪 JILL D’ART GALLERYより)   

            9/25~28   Art Expo Malaysia  (マレーシア YOD Galleryより)

            9/26~28  神戸アートマルシェ  (兵庫 瀧川画廊より)

2015   3/27~30  ART TAINAN (台湾 YOD Galleryより)

      7/3~5  ART OSAKA (大阪 JILL D'ART GALLERYより)

        9/25~27  神戸アートマルシェ  (兵庫 Art de Art Viewより)  

      12/11~13  ART KAOHSIUNG (台湾 YOD Galleryより)

2016   2/26~28  Infinity Japan Comtemporary Art Show(台湾 YOD Galleryより)

            3/12~13  ART in PARK HOTEL TOKYO (東京 JILL D'ART GALLERYより)

            3/18~20  ART TAINAN  (台湾 YOD Galleryより)

            5/11~14  アートフェア東京  (東京 瀧川画廊より)

            6/23~26  Kaohsiung Today  (台湾 LSDより)

            9/3~10/2  くどやま芸術祭(和歌山)

      9/30~10/2  神戸アートマルシェ  (兵庫 Art de Art Viewより)

         12/22~26  Seoul Art Show  (韓国 Art people Art companyより)

2017  3/17~19  アートフェア東京  (東京 瀧川画廊より)

         9/29~10/1  神戸アートマルシェ  (兵庫 Art de Art Viewより)

2018  9/7~9  ART FAIR ASIA FUKUOKA (福岡 Art de Art Viewより)




・ The Mainichi Daily News  (Wednesday, March17, 2010)


「An injection of child-rearing power for the ultimate guardian angel」



At first glance it looks humorous, but the hidden message is serious and contemporary.

Don’t despise Syoichi Mukai’s artwork, “BabyTector,” as a mere model.

Mukai became a sculptor in his late 30s, and combines his own experience as a father with his technical expertise to create heroes.


His previous career was as a creator of tokusatsu (Japanese television dramas with special effects, usually featuring superheroes) characters at Rainbow Zokei Kikaku, the producer of series including “Power Rangers” and “Masked Rider”. He is a real professional at producing specialized models, having worked for 13 years in the “Villains Team”, which deals with villains and monsters, and having risen to become head of this team.


Mukai is from Osaka, and decided to return to his home town when his wife became pregnant, so that they could bring up their child in Osaka.  An invitation from one of his friends to take part in a Kinki University alumni exhibition led to a new career as an artist.

He exhibited a sculpture molded from his wife’s pregnant belly.  Until then, he had always operated behind the scenes, but this experience ignited a desire to express himself in public.


Soon afterwards, he created“BabyTector”.  In 2009, Mukai entered his work in the “GEISAI”exhibition mounted by Takashi Murakami.  After coming to attention at “ART OSAKA 2009”, he held his first solo exhibition in Osaka.

Now his previously dormant desire to be a creator is fully awake. “When my child was born, I thought I could die for him.  I realized what a strong presence he had, and that feeling led me to create the hero “BabyTector”, says Mukai.


“BabyTector” is 50cm tall, the same height as his eldest son when he was born.

It is a new-born baby wearing a protector suit.  The component parts are made from various different types of plastic.  The 20 models created so far all come with different detailed designs and colors.  Each figure has a different role – for instance one has with a milk bottle on his back, while another’s function is to ward off injuries.


There is another reason why “BabyTector” was created.  “To me a baby is the most precious thing, but these days, if something goes wrong, that can lead to child abuse. I myself may have the potential to become an abuser. So I wanted to create something to protect babies”


“BabyTector”, the hero that protects babies, also encourages adults and makes us smile.




Copyright (C) 2010 Syoichi Mukai All Rights Reserved.

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